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Teaching in Missouri Snapshot


Secondary School Teacher Salary

$ 50,920

Elementary School Teacher Salary

$ 10,589

Public School Spending Per Student

All career and salary information pulled from theBureau of Labor Statistics2019 pupil expenditure information was provided byGoverning


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University of Southern California (USC)

USC Rossier School of Education


Master of Arts in Teaching online

The Master of Arts in Teaching online (MAT online) from the USC Rossier School of Education prepares aspiring teachers for diverse and high-needs educational settings and can be completed in as few as 12 months.

  • Fieldwork placement
  • Complete in 12-36 months
  • GRE scores not required


Steps to Becoming a Teacher in Missouri

Important Note: Education licensure requirements, statistics and other information are subject to change. makes its best effort to keep content accurate; however, the official sources are the state education departments. Please confirm licensing requirements with your state before applying for licensure or renewal. (Last update: 04/29/2020)


Prerequisite Coursework in Missouri

All states require at least a bachelor’s degree to teach. Additionally, Missouri has very specific course requirements depending on desired grade level and content area.

Please visit the Missouri Certification Requirements Index or contact theDepartment of Educationfor more information, including elementary, middle and secondary education certification requirements as well as areas of specialized education.For more information onprerequisite coursework in Missouri, please visit


Missouri Teacher Certification Programs

Teacher certification programs can be taken online or on-site. They typically include an educational theory and classroom skills seminar and a fieldwork component of student teaching in the area. A list of approved teacher preparation programs can be found at theMissouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education.


Required Tests for Missouri

Most states require tests to show competency in basic skills as well as in the desired subject area. Missouri requires theMissouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) for admission to a college or university teacher education program. It also requires a series of tests calledMissouri Educator Gateway Assessments, which includes several exams.

See details of each required test on theMissouri Educator Gateway Assessmentswebsite.

You can learn more about the Praxis exams by visiting Teach.coms’Guide to the Praxis Examsandread more about teacher certification tests on

Initial Teaching Certifications

To earn your Missouri teaching credential you will have to complete the required amount of undergraduate coursework and standardized tests, as well as an accredited certification program. Beginning teachers in Missouri receive an Initial Professional Certificate that is valid for 4 years.

Teachers who have met the requirements for full certification (which include two years of mentoring) are issued a permanent Career Continuous Professional Certificate (CCPC) and a Continuous Career Education Certificate (CCEC) which is valid for 99 years as long as performance evaluations are satisfactory and professional development requirements are met. Learn more about earning your Missouri teaching credential on theMissouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education website.

Learn more about getting yourteaching credentialon

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Discover an 8-week Online Teaching Short Course from Harvard’s Bok Center

Become a Teacher in Missouri (2)

Harvard University

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning


Higher Education Teaching Certificate

Deepen your understanding of higher-order teaching practices and broaden your skill set while creating a unique and inclusive strategy for your specific context.


Alternative Certification in Missouri

Missouri allows prospective teachers to attend an accredited teacher preparation course or an alternative certification program while simultaneously teaching under a two-year provisional certificate. Additionally, Missouri recognizes theABCTEalternative certification program. For more alternate certification info, visit the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education for details onalternative routes to certification.

Missouri Teacher Certification Information & Links

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Transferring Your Certification

Certification Reciprocity in Missouri

Interstate reciprocity is a program that allows teachers certified in one state to teach in another state. Missouri is considered an “open” state and, in most circumstances, will honor a valid and active teacher license from another state. Please visitMissouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education for more information or visit the Teach.comreciprocity page. Or, for more specific questions about your situation, contact the Missouri Department of Education.

To find out what other state teaching licenses can be used in Missouri, check out ourTeacher Certification Reciprocitypage on

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Jobs, Benefits, and Opportunities for Teachers in Missouri

Missouri Teaching Jobs

Teachers in the state can use an employment resource exclusively for Missouri educators calledMissouri Teaching JOBS website where applicants can search and apply for teaching jobs.

Learn more about finding ateaching jobon

Missouri Teacher Salary and Incentives

In Missouri, teachers earned an average of around $52,000 depending on grade level in 2019, according to theBureau of Labor Statistics. Missouri does not provide any additional pay for teaching high-demand districts or school subjects.

Learn more aboutteacher salarieson

Missouri Teacher Benefits and Retirement

Missouri public school teachers are covered by thePublic School and Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri (PSRS/PEERS). Under PSRS/PEERS, teachers are eligible for full retirement at any age with at least 30 years of teaching service, when the sum of your age and years of service equals 80 or higher, or at the age of 60 with at least five 5 years of teaching service. Teachers with 25-29 years of teaching service are eligible for reduced-benefit retirement. Retirement compensation is determined by years of teaching experience and highest average salary.

Learn more aboutbenefits for teacherson

Missouri Teacher Shortage Areas

A teacher shortage occurs when there are not enough teachers in key subject areas, which has been partly caused by years of teacher layoffs during the Great Recession, a growing student population and fewer people entering teacher preparation programs, according to theLearning Policy Institute.

The following is a list of teacher shortage areas in Missouri for the 2020-21 school year, according to theU.S. Department of Education.

  • Academically Advanced
  • Art and Music
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Early Childhood
  • English as a Second Language
  • Health and Physical Fitness
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Special Education
  • World Languages

Financial Aid in Missouri

Missouri residents are eligible for theApplegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher Scholarship as well as theTEACH Grant, a grant which gives financial aid to students in return for an agreement to teach in a high-need school.

Learn more abouthow to finance your Master’s degreeon

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Career Advancement

Professional Development for Missouri Teachers

Missouri uses a continuum of teacher standards toward which it gears a series of conferences and workshops. The state offers online professional development courses on itseMINTS website. To find out more about Missouri Professional Development, visit the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education’s page oneducator quality.

While teaching under an Initial Professional Certificate (IPC), teachers in most core areas must complete 30 professional development contact hours. After being issued the permanent career certification, teachers must complete 15 professional development contact hours annually until becoming exempt by achieving 2 of the following: 10 years of teaching experience, advanced degree, and national certification.

Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Missouri

It is no longer enough to only have years of experience teaching. After No Child Left Behind and other academic quantification measures, teachers are almost solely evaluated by their success in the classroom. A master’s in teaching provides more educational theory and classroom skills, as well as more hands-on student teaching experience with a mentor.

In Springfield Public Schools, a new teacher with a master’s degree earns almost $4,000 more than a beginning teacher with only a bachelor’s degree and the differential grows wider with each year of experience. Each year, Missouri educators with a master’s earn an average of $4,000 more than teachers without an advanced degree, according to theMissouri National Education Association. The state minimum is also $8,000 more for those with a master’s.

Learn more about the benefits of a Master of Arts in Teaching vs. Master of Education on

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Become a Teacher in Missouri (3)

University of Southern California (USC)

USC Rossier School of Education


Master of Arts in Teaching online

The Master of Arts in Teaching online (MAT online) from the USC Rossier School of Education prepares aspiring teachers for diverse and high-needs educational settings and can be completed in as few as 12 months.

  • Fieldwork placement
  • Complete in 12-36 months
  • GRE scores not required

Become a Teacher in Missouri (4)

Harvard University

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning


Higher Education Teaching Certificate

Deepen your understanding of higher-order teaching practices and broaden your skill set while creating a unique and inclusive strategy for your specific context.


Last Updated May 2020

Become a Teacher in Missouri (2024)


What are the requirements to become a teacher in Missouri? ›

Missouri Teachers Licensing Application Process
  • Official transcripts showing proof of bachelor's degree.
  • Proof of teacher preparation program completion at an approved school.
  • Passing scores on the required examinations.
  • Submission of fingerprints for criminal history background check.

Can you teach in Missouri without certification? ›

To become a secondary school teacher in Missouri, you must be certified in a secondary content area to teach grades 9-12. Requirements include a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 30 semester hours in your specialty area and a state-approved teacher preparation program.

How do I become a teacher without a degree in Missouri? ›

Alternative Route

While holding the Provisional certificate, the candidate must complete 30 semester hours of coursework in a teacher preparation program. Once this is completed and the candidate has taken the required Missouri educator exams, the program will recommend the candidate for licensure.

Is there a shortage of teachers in Missouri? ›

Missouri's school districts are struggling not just with a teacher shortage but a scarcity of bus drivers, custodians and other essential personnel.

What tests are required for teachers in Missouri? ›

But before you enter an educator program, you will be required to take and pass the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) exam. This exam covers essential skills in the following four areas: Reading Comprehension and Interpretation. Mathematics.

How long does a Missouri teaching certificate last? ›

Once you receive your initial Missouri teaching certificate, it is valid for four years. To renew it, you must fulfill certain requirements during those four years, including: Complete 30 contact hours of professional development. Complete two years of mentoring, determined by your school district.

How long does it take to get a teaching certificate in Missouri? ›

Traditional route: An individual completes a four-year, college-recommended course of study, does student teaching, passes the designated assessment test, graduates with a bachelor's degree in a field of education and is issued an initial certificate.

What is the pass rate for the ABCTE exam? ›

Function of the Test

ABCTE does not appear to have published exam pass rates in recent years. However, in 2007, it reported that 43% of candidates passed the PTK exam; 54% passed the English exam; 84% passed the General Science exam; 32% passed the Mathematics exam; and 51% passed the Biology exam.

Can you substitute teach in Missouri without a degree? ›

Education and Certification Requirements

If the substitute does not have a degree, 6,000 approved hours of experience related to the area they wish to teach will suffice. An official transcript is required as part of the application for either substitute teacher certification.

What is the Mega test Missouri? ›

The Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA) program: is a contemporary assessment program that measures educator candidates' content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and dispositions and work styles.

How do I become a kindergarten teacher in Missouri? ›

Earn a Relevant Degree and Complete a Teacher Prep Program. A bachelor's degree in early childhood education is required for early childhood educator licensure in Missouri. This certification will allow you to work in a public or private school setting with young learners from birth to grade three.

Does Missouri require Praxis? ›

In the state of Missouri, only the Praxis School Psychologist exam is required in order to earn certification as a school psychologist for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Candidates must pass this exam with Praxis scores of 147 or higher.

Why are so many teachers quitting right now? ›

Teachers are calling it quits amid rising school violence, burnout and stagnating salaries. Most educators leaving the field aren't retiring or being laid off — they're quitting.

How much do base teachers make in Missouri? ›

How much does an Entry Level Teacher make in Missouri? The average Entry Level Teacher salary in Missouri is $40,943 as of July 25, 2023, but the range typically falls between $34,188 and $49,935.

Is Missouri a good place for teachers? ›

Between 2020 and 2022, approximately 300,000 educators left the profession which led to an estimated 3% drop in the national workforce. Missouri is a prime example of this challenge, as our state currently falls at the bottom percentile in teacher pay.

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