Building Power App on top of Access database with VBA tool (2023)

Community Challenge: Summer of Solutions 2023--Win a Pass to #MPPC23

We are excited to announce theSummer of Solutions Challenge!This challenge is open to all Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents & Power Pages) community members. We invite you to participate in a quest to provide solutions to as many questions as you can. Answers can be provided in all the communities: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents & Power Pages.The top 10 participants (5 Community Users & 5 Super Users) every week will receive a badge on their profile for participating in the challenge. (1 badge per person).The challenge will last for 5 weeks. There will be a new leader board every week of the challenge. The leader board will recognize the top 10 participants (5 Community Users & 5 Super Users) for that week. Leader boards will be posted in the News & Announcements of each community.At the end of the challenge, each community will award the top community user and top Super User, for a total of 2 winners per community.In addition, we’ll randomly draw 2 more winners from all entries for each week’s top 10 users.TheWinners(10 in total)of the drawing will receive a complimentary pass to the Power Platform Conference in Las Vegas in October 3-5, 2023.Please note: Prize is the complimentary pass to the Power Platform Conference ONLY. Airfare and lodging are not included. The pass has no monetary value and compensation is not available should the winner not use the pass.Here is how it works:When:There are 5 weekly challengesWeek 1: August 8-14Week 2: August 15-21Week 3: August 22-28Week 4: August 29-September 4Week 5: September 4-11How:During the challenge, you earn an entry for every accepted solution you provide. Each solution counts towards one entry in the drawing. (i.e.: 5 solutions = 5 entries) Every week, the top 10 users (5 Community Users & 5 Super Users) for each community with the highest number of solutions will be entered into a random drawing.The drawing will take place on September 15, 2023. We will announce the winners on the same day. The winners will have one week to accept or decline the prize.You will need toprovide an answer to the post so it can be marked as an accepted solution. The threadmust be markedby the original poster of the question as an Accepted Solution within24 hoursof the original posting.We highly recommend you @mention the author of the post, so they are notified of your comment or potential solution and can mark it as an accepted solution.To help find solutions in thecommunity, you can look at any board landing page that does not have a green check mark that appears to the right of the post.You can find instructions for marking your response to your post as a solution in our support articles:Power Apps:Using the Community,Contributing to the CommunityWe hope you are as excited about the Summer of Solutions challenge as we are and can’t wait to see who will be able to find the highest number of solutions!----------------------------------------------------------------Rules:Challenge runs August 8th12am PDT thru September 11th12m PDT.One pass per winner. Once your name has been randomly selected, you will not be eligible to win another pass. If your name is randomly selected a second time, an additional drawing will take place.Winners will be notified on September 15th, via private message in the community. Once the user accepts, we will post in the News & Announcements of each of the communities.The winner will have one week to accept or decline the prize.If accepted tickets will be sent to the userIf declined, a 2ndrandom drawing will be held.Prize only consists of a pass to the Power Platform Conference (air and hotel are not included)Please review the Rules attached to this post.

Productivity Across Borders: Localized content now on Microsoft Release Planner

We are excited to announce that starting August 8th, 2023,Microsoft Release Plannersupports the content in 11 new languages. Users around the world can now view the release plans of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform in Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swedish, and English.This update underscores our commitment to inclusivity. We at Microsoft strongly believe that language should not be a barrier to accessing tools and information. With this update, we aim to provide a more personalized, standardized, and intuitive user experience regardless of where you are in the world.How to view and manage plans in your preferred language?Our user-friendly design ensures that theRelease Plannerautomatically loads in your preferred language based on your browser settings. Additionally, you can switch to your desired language through the language switcher in the header.Your comments are displayed only to the stakeholders with whom you have shared the plan. The owner of the comment has complete control over editing and deleting the comment.Customize your view by using multiple filters, sorting, and grouping criteria. These criteria are available for both All release plans and My release plans views. You can also view the plans grouped by product theme or timeline.The Release Planner advantageTheRelease plannerfor Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform allows customers to view and manage release plans across all active release waves in a unified and interactive interface while giving them the option to personalize, filter, sort, and collaborate on release plans.Under the hood, the Release Planner is powered by the Power Apps portal. It is created based on customer feedback to address the constraints of content suitability, discoverability, and personalization. Our goal is to improve the release planning and change management process where it matters most - help customers identify and track their salient capabilities, included in both the current and upcoming release waves.Here are some of its key features:Content personalization through ‘My Release plans’Create a curated list of release plans you would like to follow.All the release plans across various products can be viewed in a unified view.Collaborate on plans effortlessly and securelyShare your curated list and effortlessly and securely with your stakeholders. Collaborate on individual plans using notes and comments all within theRelease Plannerexperience.Thank you for your continued support as we work to make our product more accessible worldwide. We hope this update sparks more creativity and productivity across our global community!Stay tuned for more exciting updates.Here's to breaking down barriers and welcoming a world of new possibilities!

(Video) Using Microsoft Access with Power Apps

(Video) How to use Microsoft Power Apps - Beginner Tutorial

Developer Workshop Announced for #MPPC23: Build, Deploy, and Scale Your Power Apps

Just announced for the upcoming Microsoft Power Platform Conference, this developer-focused workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to build, deploy, and scale Power Apps--with insights and details shared directly from Microsoft Power Apps thought leadersKartik Kanakasabesan, Evan Lew, Casey Burke, and Matthew Barbour. Learn some of the new capabilities that allow developers of all kinds to build applications using co-pilots, connectors, PCF controls, and then use such applications to deploy at scale in line with your organization’s governance mandate. Sound too good to be true? This workshop to aims to dispel all myths about low code applications development and deployment at scale.Find out more about this workshop and all the Power Apps offerings at #MPPC23 today:

THE NORTHWEST'S #1 CONFERENCE FOR MICROSOFT 365 & POWER PLATFORMWith 2 optional days of workshops and a 3-day conference, attendees can choose from over 130 sessions in multiple tracks and 25 workshops presented by Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, Viva and Azure's top experts!LEARN FROM THE EXPERTSMany of the speakers are Microsoft MVPs, MCMs, Microsoft Program Managers, Microsoft Engineers, MCTs or Microsoft Regional Directors, based on their in-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Power Platform, Azure and more!CONNECT AND CULTIVATESee how the Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Power Platform ecosystem is growing and evolving by speaking with technical experts from the local Microsoft field and diverse channels within the Microsoft Partner Network.Find out more today:365 EduCon Seattle:Microsoft 365 Conference & Power Platform Conference

(Video) How to Create a Data Entry Form in Microsoft Power Apps - A Tutorial

Catch Up on Power Platform Connections!

Since January, we've been honored to present nearly 20 episodes ofPower Platform Connections, a webcast highlighting some of our amazing community members, Power Platform news and blogs, and a lot of general fun from our hosts, Microsoft PM's Hugo Bernier and David Warner. Every episode is chock-full of informative interviews, engaging conversation--and what's new and important to know about every aspect of Microsoft Power Platform.If you've missed an episode, it's time to get caught up. Check out theCommunity Connections & How-To Videosin the Gallery. Find out what's going on the Power Platform Community today!

(Video) Using MS Access with PowerApps - PowerApps Tutorial for Beginners

Power Apps Week Recap: Everything We Covered This Week for #MPPC23

That's a wrap! If you missed any of this week's exciting #PowerApps content, all the links are available below for you to catch up: · Power Apps Demo: Sessions: Cunningham: be sure to click the link below to check out David Warner's #MPPC23 Session alongside Lisa Crosbie and Shane Young! "Canvas Apps vs Model Driven Apps: The Ultimate Showdown"We hope to see you all in Vegas! Register for the Power Platform Conference today!

(Video) Building Your First Power App to Update Excel Workbooks 💪 [Episode 29]


How do I convert Access to Power Apps? ›

The best way to do this is to use a SharePoint list.
  1. Export the MS Access Table to SharePoint.
  2. Connect to the SharePoint List from MS Access.
  3. Create a PowerApps Screen.
  4. Also read PowerApps Refresh SharePoint List.

What is the best backend for Power Apps? ›

🥇 Dataverse (Formerly Common Data Service): Database for PowerApps. Dataverse is the best option if you need to store hundreds of thousands of rows of data.

Can Power Apps replace Access? ›

Microsoft Access can essentially provide the same functionality as PowerApps. Although, PowerApps is a cloud-based application and is therefore extremely secure. This means you can create custom apps and enter data without the worry of losing anything as it is all saved and backed up to the cloud.

How do I link Power Apps to database? ›

Gather the following information for a database that contains at least one table with a primary key:
  1. the name of the database.
  2. the name of the server on which the database is hosted.
  3. a valid user name and password to connect to the database.
  4. the type of authentication needed to connect to the database.
6 days ago

Can Power Automate work with Microsoft Access? ›

Apart from database servers, Power Automate supports the automation of Microsoft Access databases.

What replaces Microsoft Access? ›

The Best Microsoft Access Alternatives
  • OpenOffice derivatives. OpenOffice presented a serious challenge to Microsoft Office. ...
  • Google Forms. Google Forms is a good option if you are looking for a straightforward, spreadsheet-based database system that runs online. ...
  • Calligra Office. ...
  • Zoho Creator. ...
  • Bubble.

What is the difference between Access and Dataverse? ›

Dataverse: Stores values as a delimited string in one column. Access: Stores multivalued field stores values across multiple tables. For more information, see multivalued fields.

How do I move Access database to Dataverse? ›

Open the Access database you want to migrate. Tip Make sure all open Access objects are closed, because a lock can prevent table migration. Right-click a table in the navigation pane and select Export > Dataverse.

What are 3 types of power apps? ›

Types of Power App. Using Power Apps, you can create Three types of apps: Canvas apps, Model-driven apps, and Portal Apps.

What are the limitations of PowerApps? ›

  • In PowerApps, you can Retrieve only 500 items by defaults and it can be extended maximum up to 2000 (performance decreases)
  • If we are using the Canvas application, then only one developer can work at a time.
  • Attachment control will work fine with the SharePoint as a back-end.
May 20, 2020

What PowerApps cannot do? ›

What does PowerApps not do? One thing it does not do is you cannot sell it on an app store. So, for example, if you go into the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, you could download an application. This is not for that type of use.

Is MS Access being retired? ›

No! MS Access is still included in all business plans with Office 365. Access is a proven product that has been around for over 25 years and is the most widely used desktop, team and small/medium sized business database product.

What are the two types of Power Apps? ›

In Power Apps, you have two options when creating apps: model-driven apps and canvas apps. The following is a basic, high-level comparison. For much more detail about these two types of apps, see Overview of creating apps in Power Apps.

Do you need to code for Power Apps? ›

Originally crafted for teammates without coding experience, this type of development helps anyone create fully functional apps via a simple visual editor. With a no-code app builders' declarative interface, you're drag-and-dropping pre-coded elements exactly where you want them, and the code follows suit.

How do I connect to an Access database in Power Automate? ›

Integrate Access Data into Power Automate Desktop using CData Connect
  1. Add an Open SQL Connection Action.
  2. Add an Execute SQL Statement Action.
  3. Add a Write to CSV File Action.
  4. Add a Close SQL Connection Action.
  5. Save & Run the Flow.

Is it possible to use Power Apps to Access local network data sources? ›

In your browser, navigate to and sign in with your work or school account. Once signed in, go to “Connections” under the “Manage” section in the left navigation menu. And select “SQL Server” connector. Select “Connect using on-premises data gateway” option to connect to your database on-premises.

What database does Power Apps use? ›

Microsoft SQL: Database for PowerApps

If you need to store hundreds of thousands or more rows of data to use with your PowerApp, then Microsoft SQL could be considered. However, it will have a few down sides including additional premium licenses that are required for end users to access SQL data.

What Power Apps cannot do? ›

What does PowerApps not do? One thing it does not do is you cannot sell it on an app store. So, for example, if you go into the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, you could download an application. This is not for that type of use.


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