Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (2024)

Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (1)

Taylor Swift is up for six Grammy Awards at the 66th annual celebration of the best in music, including Album of the Year. A victory in the night’s most prestigious category for her 2022 album Midnights would make her the first artist to win the award four times, so Swifties are certainly going to be holding their breaths for that one. Before the trophies are handed out, though, all eyes will be on the red carpet, and Swift has been known to rock some epic outfits. Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen over the years, including her Reputation-coded 2024 ensemble.

Fans have been expecting Taylor Swift to announce the release date for Reputation (Taylor’s Version) for some time now, and the singer has been rocking some serious Reputation-coded numbers lately, including a sparkly black mini-dress to celebrate her birthday in December. As many expected, she continued this trend at the Grammys, arriving at the February 4 ceremony in a white corset gown from Schiaparelli Haute Couture, which you can see below:

Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (2)

She paired the gown with black opera gloves and heels, with the black-and-white color scheme exciting fans with the obvious nod to her upcoming re-release. She wore several Lorraine Schwartz necklaces, one of which was a black choker with a clock set to midnight.

Dressing in her specific eras is pretty typical behavior from Taylor Swift when she’s set to announce an upcoming project or celebrate a recent release. Take the singer’s bejeweled midnight blue gown from last year’s ceremony:

Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (3)

Taylor Swift looked stunning in this two-piece Roberto Cavalli — exciting photographers so much that she had to calm them down after they hollered at a publicist on the red carpet who was blocking their view. Her midriff-baring, long-sleeved dress was the perfect celebration of Midnights, even though the album was not eligible for any awards in 2023. Those accolades would come at this year’s show.

Back in 2021 she wore a bright floral pattern to the Grammys as she celebrated Folklore by thanking Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds after she named characters in the song “Betty” after their three children. Check out that year’s ensemble:

Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (4)

She certainly brought the flower power with the long-sleeved Oscar De La Renta minidress. The shorter look was a departure from her typically long gowns, like the Elie Saab she sported at the 2015 awards show:

Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (5)

Firmly in her 1989 era, she still showed a fair amount of leg in this two-toned teal blue number, which featured a halter neckline and arm straps, and she paired the gown with beautiful fuschia heels.

A year later she visited the other side of the color spectrum, sporting an orange tube top and flowing hot pink skirt by Versace in one of her most iconic looks:

Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (6)

Many thought this ensemble was a tribute to the beloved 1999 movie 10 Things i Hate About You, especially when paired with longtime bestie Selena Gomez’s sequined Calvin Klein, giving the singers some major Kat-and-Bianca vibes.

This final dress further shows just how much Taylor Swift’s red-carpet style has changed over the years — and proves she’s been a show-stopper at the Grammys for well over a decade now. The Fearless artist looked like a trophy herself in this cap-sleeved golden Zuhair Murad Couture:

Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (7)

Taylor Swift has already garnered 12 Grammy awards in her career, so while we wait to see if she adds to that number this year, Swifties will also be keeping a close eye on her fashion choice. As she attends the show without boyfriend Travis Kelce, can we expect to see something black or perhaps serpentine to tease Reputation (TV)? Tune into the Grammys to find out. The ceremony will air at 8 p.m. ET Sunday, February 4, on CBS, or you can catch it streaming live with a Paramount+ subscription.


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Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (8)

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Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards is an annual ceremony that celebrates outstanding achievements in the music industry. It recognizes artists, musicians, producers, and other professionals for their contributions to the field of music. Taylor Swift is nominated for six Grammy Awards at the 66th annual celebration, including Album of the Year.

Taylor Swift's Grammy Outfits

Taylor Swift is known for her fashion choices at the Grammy Awards. Over the years, she has worn various outfits that reflect her different eras and projects. For example, she wore a white corset gown from Schiaparelli Haute Couture at the 2024 Grammys, which had a black-and-white color scheme that hinted at her upcoming re-release of the album "Reputation".

In previous years, she has worn a bejeweled midnight blue gown to celebrate her album "Midnights," a bright floral patterned dress to celebrate "Folklore," and a two-toned teal blue gown during her "1989" era.

Taylor Swift's Grammy Wins

Taylor Swift has already won 12 Grammy Awards in her career. As fans eagerly await the results of this year's ceremony, they will also be keeping an eye on her fashion choices.

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Great Outfits Taylor Swift Has Worn To The Grammys, Including The 2024 Awards (2024)
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